Light Vehicle Products

We partner with all major light vehicle manufacturers in identifying and solving current and future Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) challenges. Our power train solutions reduce noise and vibrations originating from the engine and auxiliary components, regardless of the drive train concept, while our chassis solutions have a vital impact on handling, dynamics, and comfort through reducing vibrations from road surfaces transmitted into the chassis.

Our power train portfolio offers engine, motor and transmission mounts, drive shaft dampers, cooler and exhaust mounts, center bearing supports, torsional vibration dampers and pulleys. Our chassis portfolio covers air springs, chassis, subframe and top mounts, bushings, microcellular urethane components, and various isolators and dampers. All products contribute to a smooth, quiet and safe driving experience.

Air Springs

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Air springs keep the vehicle at a constant level, regardless of how heavy its load is. They allow to lower the car at high speeds in order to improve aerodynamics and thus increase range. Air springs can also optimize airflow under the car for passive battery cooling in electric vehicles and they protect the batteries in bad road conditions and secure always a minimum ground clearance.

Chassis Mounts

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Dozens of chassis mounts control vibrations transmitted from the road surface into the chassis of the vehicle. Chassis mounts are small but important components that improve handling and safety, and reduce unwanted vibrations.

Cooling & Exhaust Mounting Systems

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Exhaust mounts secure and support the exhaust position under the vehicle. They reduce structure-borne noise and vibration, achieving increased exhaust durability and preventing noise and vibration from being transmitted into the vehicle.

Dampers & Decoupling Systems

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Isolators and mass dampers are ideal for solving a wide variety of vibration-related challenges transmitted into the chassis from the road surface. Linear dampers are a strategic design element to counteract unwanted noise and vibrations – especially in lightweight structures.


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Centering devices, isolators and dampers solve vibration-related challenges deriving from the torque fluctuations and natural frequencies of the drive shaft in rear- and all-wheel drive vehicles, where the drive force must be transferred to the rear axle. Rotary dampers, flexible couplings and centering devices help counteract unwanted noise and vibrations from the drive shaft.

MCU Components

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Micro Cellular Urethane (MCU) components combine maximum performance, high comfort and lightweight versatility. The material provides superior abrasion, tear and chemical resistance along with high tensile strength and a low compression set. It is also resistant to automotive fluids and ozone. MCU components are used for jounce bumpers, spring aids, spring seats, bushings, top mounts, and body mounts.

Motor Mounts

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Motor mounts carry the static and dynamic loads of the motor throughout its entire service life and are also an important factor for isolating low to high frequency vibrations. Downsized and turbocharged motors are state-of-the-art to reduce fuel consumption but lead to high vibration levels.

Torsional Vibration Dampers

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Torsional Vibration Dampers absorb rotational vibrations in internal combustion engines. The dampers are particularly effective in conjunction with decoupled pulleys, which keep crankshaft irregularities away from the belt drive and auxiliaries. In fuel-efficient start-stop systems, they eliminate the effects of an engine that is constantly starting and stopping. With an additional one-way-clutch feature, they can enable further savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.