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Other Mass Dampers

Reduce vibrations with opposing inertial forces and highly flexible design

Optimized for high performance at noise and vibration reduction

Optimized weight

Addressing booming noises deriving from big surfaces

Mass dampers are ideal for applications where vibrations transmitted from the road surface or the engine into the chassis need to be reduced with opposing inertial forces. Using mass dampers, Vibracoustic adapts the absorber to the available package mainly by changing the contours of the inertia mass.

Especially big surfaces like the roof, doors or the tailgate can create unwanted resonances resulting in unpleasant booming noises. Specially tailored roof or tailgate mass dampers address these vibrations and reduce them to a minimum.

The outer shape of the mass damper is highly flexible, as the inertia mass does not need to be inserted into a vulcanization mold. Its geometry can be precisely designed to achieve the specific vibration modes and no unnecessary weight is used. The optimized rubber compound around the joint significantly reduces noise and vibration.

To balance out vibrations with opposing inertial forces, an additional spring-mass system with the same frequency, but opposite amplitude, acts on the vibrating structure.

Linear dampers are a strategic design element to counteract unwanted noise and vibrations – especially in lightweight structures.

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