Torsional Vibration Dampers | Light Vehicle Products

Damper Isolator Pulleys

Combine torsional vibration damping and an isolating function for the belt drive system

Elastomer providing stiffness and damping

Damper: Hub, Elastomer, Inertia Ring

Damper Isolator Pulleys combine torsional vibration damping and a function for isolating the belt drive system from crankshaft irregularities. The damper reduces the torsional vibration amplitudes of the crankshaft, while the integrated isolator isolates the belt drive system from irregularities which cause belt effects like flapping.

Crankshaft irregularities, especially at low speed, can lead into noise or to an early failure of the belt and belt drive components. A crankshaft isolator rubber effectively eliminates these vibrations directly at source. At the same time, the torsional vibration damper in the isolator pulley reduces torsional vibrations within the crankshaft.

The vulcanized rubber spring provides an elastic connection to the belt drive. A dry bearing enables relative movement of the pulley.

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