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Elastic Ring Gear

Integrated solution to minimize any electric drive unit (EDU) excitations transmitted through the gearbox housing, improving EV occupant comfort.

A tunable solution with multi-directional decoupling

Optimized for high frequency, but offers broad acoustic reductions

Comprehensive NVH solution for EDUs with planetary gearboxes

Mitigates EDU excitations in planetary gearboxes

The replacement of internal combustion engines (ICEs) with electric drive units (EDUs) has led to new, unprecedented NVH challenges. In EVs using planetary gearboxes, high-frequency excitations – like torque ripple – and vibrations are transmitted from e-motors into the gearbox housing. These, in turn, can lead to comfort and refinement issues within the cabin.

To resolve NVH issues caused by EDUs and planetary gearboxes, Vibracoustic has developed an Elastic Ring Gear. This novel solution sits between the housing and the actual ring gear and has been proven through extensive simulation and material evaluation.

Vibracoustic’s Elastic Ring Gear is a tunable rubber component that offers multi-directional decoupling (radial, axial and torsional) to significantly reduce the transmission of vibrations. Extensive Finite Element Analysis (FEA) conducted by Vibracoustic’s engineering team demonstrated a wide range of sound-pressure reductions.

The Elastic Ring Gear provides high-frequency NVH optimization for EV powertrain systems with planetary gearboxes. It is extremely effective – potentially even making the additional acoustic encapsulations obsolete – due to its wide frequency working range.

For greater occupant comfort, the Elastic Ring Gear is an innovative and effective solution to manage EV NVH.

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