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Lightweight Plastic Top Mounts

Minimize road surface excitation and reduce weight

Reinforced plastic lightweight housing

Customizable natural rubber compound providing either controlled damping or low stiffness

Top mounts connect the wheel suspensions with the chassis and, together with the coil or air springs, minimize a large part of the road surface excitation so that unwanted vibrations of the chassis do not reach the passengers. Lightweight top mounts made of fiber-reinforced plastic are significantly lighter than a conventional mount without compromise on performance.

Top mounts are structural elements subject to heavy loads and permanently exposed to harmful environmental effects such as heat, road salt or ozone.

These factors also apply to lightweight fiber-reinforced top mounts. Therefore, specific design processes were developed to take into account the multidirectional properties as well as the humidity and temperature sensitivity of fiber-reinforced plastic. Even at high temperatures, under difficult conditions or during an accident, top mounts retain their strength and stiffness.

The material combination perfectly bonds the shock absorbers to the chassis and thus ensures improved driving comfort and dynamics. The natural rubber compound can therefore be precisely tuned to the customer needs, either providing controlled damping or low stiffness.

In addition, lightweight plastic top mounts are significantly lighter than conventional metal mounts, without compromising on performance. As a result, they help increase the efficiency of the vehicle.

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