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Quiettype Motor Mounts

Reduce the noise of electric motors across a broad and configurable frequency range

Lightweight aluminium housing

Lightweight aluminium core

Steel or aluminium for tuning of resonance frequency

Motor mounts carry the static and dynamic loads of the motor throughout its entire service life and are also an important factor in isolating low- to high-frequency vibrations of the motor throughout its entire service life. Quiettype motor mounts use a specific design to achieve significant noise reduction across a broad and configurable frequency range of electric motors.

High frequency vibrations leading to interior noise issues can derive from many sources, including transmissions and differential gearboxes as well as electric and hybrid drive units. A conventional rubber spring provides static and dynamic stiffness and damping.

Using steel or aluminum inlays within the rubber spring, the resonance frequency can be precisely tuned without compromising on other mount requirements like static stiffness, durability and packaging space. Also, lightweight aluminum can be used for the inner core and outer sleeve to save on overall weight.

Motor mounts control engine movement in all directions, guaranteeing excellent driving comfort and driving dynamics without compromising performance.

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