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Brake Tuned Absorbers

Dampen low frequency moaning and squealing brake noises

Self-tapping screw

Die-casted zinc providing moving mass for damper

Sleeve made of die-casted zinc

Brake tuned absorbers significantly dampen the low frequency moaning and squealing noises of brakes. The standardized absorber design benefits manufacturers with its extremely fast production implementation. With a broad portfolio of brake absorbers, manufacturers can precisely address the given problem frequency. A self-tapping screw makes assembly lean and convenient, since no threading is necessary.

Vibracoustic’s standard brake damper “Reqill” is the perfect tool to solve unpleasant noise behaviors. Die-cast materials like zinc can provide the moving mass for the damper. The sleeve, also made of die-cast zinc, provides perfect fit and fastening to the brake caliper, with a self-tapping screw for lean assembly.

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