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MCU Body Mounts

Locate and isolate the vehicle’s body from the frame, while improving the vehicle comfort and handling qualities

Fastener made of steel, plastics etc. for lateral strength

MCU offers higher build variation than rubber

Saturation cup made of steel, plastics etc. with good durability

Micro Cellular Polyurethane (MCU) body mounts locate and isolate the vehicle’s body from the frame and improve the comfort and handling qualities. They offer superior isolation, better vibration damping, excellent durability, and reduced weight – all at a competitive price.

Another benefit of using Micro Cellular Polyurethane (MCU) is that it can be easily tuned and optimized by changing the material’s density. There is also no need to change chemistries or part geometry, providing a cost and time efficient development process.

Vibracoustic can offer multiple MCU material and design options.  The body mount saturation cup and fastener can be made of steel, plastics or other materials to secure good stability as well as lateral strength.

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