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Motor Mounts

Provide high temperature resistance, operational stability and excellent NVH performance

Tension and compression stops protecting main pad from tensile loads

Robust and lightweight extruded aluminium

Positioning pin for easy assembly

Specific angle of the main pad for optimum NVH performance

Motor mounts carry the static and dynamic loads of the motor and are an important factor for vibration isolation from low to high frequencies. They provide high operational stability and excellent NVH performance by addressing the high power, weight and temperatures of truck motors and are designed for high cost-efficiency.

Motor mounts need to provide high temperature resistance, small packaging, durability and excellent NVH isolating performance.

A specially developed natural rubber compound combines high temperature resistance with durability and vibration isolation. The specific angle of the main rubber pad results in the particularly low roll natural frequency of the motor, offering excellent NVH performance.

Integrated compression and tension stops reduce complexity and costs and make external limiters obsolete. They protect the main pad from damaging peak tensile loads, resulting in the good operational stability of the mount. Two extruded aluminum metals make the product weight and cost-efficient as well as space-optimized and durable. A positioning pin secures the easy assembly.

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