NVH Solutions for Future Mobility Concepts

Mobility trends such as e-mobility, autonomous driving and efficiency improvements are presenting enormous challenges to the entire automotive industry. In addition to the technical implementation, the changes often impact the comfort and convenience of all passengers. New Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) solutions are required to ensure comfortable, relaxed and safe travel in a fuel-efficient, electrified or even autonomous future.

From self-driving vehicles to shared mobility solutions, automotive manufacturers need to find new ways to move people and goods reliably, safely, and cost-efficiently. This also demands lighter, environmentally-friendly vehicles that operate with more fuel efficiency. Vibracoustic develops innovative NVH solutions for the future mobility concepts of established and emerging automotive manufacturers that add comfort to mobility.

Battery electric vehicles create a quiet ride for the passengers. So quiet that sounds previously masked by the combustion engine are now emerging and considered a disturbance. In autonomous vehicles, passengers will even have a heightened perception of NVH issues when the control of steering, acceleration and braking is transferred to the vehicle in partly or fully autonomous vehicles. Therefore, traditional NVH products no longer meet the requirements of future mobility concepts.

But it’s not just the technical requirements that are increasing – drivers and passengers are also demanding higher comfort and convenience in their vehicles. Two-thirds of drivers from China, Germany and the US stated that comfort and convenience will be the most important criteria when buying a new car. Furthermore, 75% think that noises and vibrations have a negative effect on their health, like a bad mood or lack of concentration.*

These results confirm that comfort plays an important role for car drivers. This will even become more important as future mobility concepts become more electrified and autonomous. With our NVH solutions we are supporting a smooth, quiet and safe ride experience for all passengers.

Frank Mueller, CEO

We are dedicated to anticipating and solving the NVH challenges of tomorrow. Whether it is as a partner early in the development cycle or by supplying industry-leading NVH products, we are well positioned to help our automotive customers through this significant transition.

The mobility industry is now moving at an incredible pace, with numerous novel technologies implemented in each development cycle. While it may still be some time until we witness the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles, our engineers are already working with vehicle manufacturers to solve the NVH challenges of tomorrow.

* On behalf of Vibracoustic, the market research institute YouGov surveyed 500 German, 503 Chinese, and 539 US drivers age 18 or older in the period from May to June 2019. Emotive car purchase judgements regarding brand and appearance excluded.

We Solve NVH Challenges for all Future Mobility Concepts

Technology Milestones Along Market Trends and Customer Demands


Rubover Plastic Motor Mounts

Lightweight motor mount provides less weight with maximum performance and comfort.


Overrunning Damper Isolator Pulleys

Lightweight motor mount provides less weight with maximum performance and comfort.


Switchable Air Springs

Intelligent adjustment to driving situations, optimized airflow for increased efficiency, and improved passive battery cooling.



Smaller and lighter cord-reinforced elastomer coupling minimizes torsional vibrations in rear and all-wheel drive vehicles.

SUVs & Electric Vehicles

Highly Robust Hydrobushings

Bushings with special hybrid stoppers for heavy loads and reliable performance


Customized Motor Mounts

Quiettype mounts provide a broad and configurable frequency range, fully tunable to customer needs.