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Torque Rods

Prevent vibration and noise transfer, and restrict motor roll

Prevents interior “booming” noise from torque rod resonance being excited by engine

Lightweight aluminum link to reduce cabin booming and fuel consumption

Most transverse drive trains are suspended by pendulum systems comprising up to three torque rods. Torque rods or torque roll restrictors dampen the impact of torque by restricting motor roll during load transfer. They also tackle the challenges derived from recuperation functions.

In addition to restricting motor roll, they prevent vibration and noise transfer from the motor block to the chassis. A specially designed and tuned balancer mass improves the high-frequency behavior of the torque rod and prevents interior noise “booming” when the torque rod resonance is excited by the motor. The application of lightweight aluminum can further improve cabin noise, weight and thus efficiency.

Torque rod solutions also need to address the new challenges presented by the increasing implementation of recuperation functions, in particular in hybrid vehicles, because here motor roll support is necessary in both directions.

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