Cooling & Exhaust Mounting Systems | Light Vehicle Products

Cooler Mounting Systems

Isolate the cooling subsystems and avoid unwanted vibrations

System solution, fully optimized for NVH

High-quality materials including EDPM, silicone, aluminum, steel and plastic

Customizable to suit build space and stiffness requirements

Suitable for all powertrain concepts

Cooling systems are critical for all modern powertrains, including those in internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and innovative battery electric and hybrid electric vehicles (BEV/HEV). Regardless of propulsion type, it is important to isolate the cooling system from both road and vehicle excitations to improve the system’s durability and effectiveness.

Vibracoustic takes a system approach to cooling NVH, optimizing each mounting element to maximize isolation. Using high-quality, heat-resistant materials like EDPM and silicone, Vibracoustic provides tailored solutions that withstand the most demanding conditions associated with high-performance cooling systems. Typically, decoupling cooling components from excitations in the range of 10-50 Hz, these solutions are available in a variety of stiffnesses and can be developed with or without travel limiters and with the choice of aluminum, steel or plastic brackets.

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