The Collaborative Power of the Global Vibracoustic Network

We invest above the industry average in our research and development. Our innovation projects are dealing with NVH applications for current and future mobility concepts. New products, projects, and materials aim to support our customers to further increase passenger comfort, improve vehicle efficiency, streamline production processes and drive cost reductions.

We have global engineering centers in Europe, the Americas and Asia and local engineering services close to our customers. Around 1,000 dedicated NVH experts are working in advanced engineering, application teams, product engineering, material development, and process engineering to ensure the best results for all current and future mobility concepts of our automotive customers.

With worldwide NVH engineering resources and local engineers who understand regional needs, we support automotive vehicle manufacturers and Tier1 suppliers with the know-how, tools and proven processes to solve their NVH challenges. Our engineers use Vibracoustic standardized equipment and software and therefore can rely on the power and common understanding of the global Vibracoustic engineering network for analyzing and benchmarking. This enables us to develop excellent customized NVH solutions wherever our customers need us to add comfort to mobility.

Operational Excellence

We have a global production set-up with more than 30 sites close to our customers. Our goal: deliver proven quality wherever our automotive customers need us to drive comfort and improve efficiency, quality and ensure reliable delivery performance every day. Vibracoustic relies on the Vibracoustic Production System, which is our framework for operational excellence. It is based on our values and focusses on standards, a culture of continuous improvement, empowerment of people and lean management. We apply our approach throughout our entire organization and in all our sites around the globe.

We set standards and practical aspects of safety at work and environmental protection. We promote, support and contribute to sustaining the health and well-being of all our associates at every Vibracoustic site globally, fostering commitment from all to behave responsibly, minimize risks and to take care of each other every day so that we all work safely.

With our more than 30 production plants around the globe, we are always close to our customers. Next to standard industry processes, Vibracoustic has adapted and further developed various innovative production processes for the individual needs of our customers.

We have 60 years of automotive NVH experience and can refer to countless benchmark KPIs. Our comprehensive data collection comprises results from numerous vehicle and axle benchmarks. Based on this background, we derive trends in the market regarding the NVH performance of the vehicle and work with our customers at eye level.

No matter what challenges our customers face in the development process, Vibracoustic has dedicated development and production process experts for every detailed NVH question that may arise.

Our product and application engineers are responsible for the entire engineering process of a customer project. They understand and assess how NVH components or systems interact with other components or systems in the vehicle. This makes us the go-to partner for our customers.

Our material scientists constantly optimize compound families that are process-safe and ready to use for serial production to cover future NVH requirements regarding service life, ageing behavior and dynamic hardening. We are the go-to partner when it comes to providing the right material mix and the know-how for related production processes.

We constantly expand the global relationship with our customers in the areas of knowledge exchange and joint research and development for current and future NVH solutions by e.g. technical partnership agreements with OEMs or collaborating with other Tier1s.