Cooling & Exhaust Mounting Systems | Light Vehicle Products

Exhaust Mounts

Secure and support the exhaust position and reduce structure-borne noise and vibrations

Rubber geometry optimized for low dynamic stiffness

Belt for durability at high loads and safety fixture

Best balancing characteristics in all directions and high durability

Bracket according to customer assembly process or specifications possible

Exhaust mounts secure and support the exhaust position under the vehicle. They reduce structure-borne noise and vibration, achieving increased exhaust durability and preventing noise and vibration from being transmitted into the vehicle.

A variety of natural rubber and heat resistant materials such as silicone can be used to meet customer requirements. The rubber geometry can be customized for low dynamic stiffness, best balancing characteristics in all directions and high durability. In addition, a limiter belt can be included as a redundancy element to prevent the exhaust from falling and dragging on the road. It furthermore relieves the rubber from peak loads to make it more durable as well as making any additional housing obsolete. The bracket, which holds the mount, can be precisely designed according to customer needs for assembly or performance.

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