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Air Springs with ZAX Bellows

Combine good torsion decoupling with dimensional stability

High resistant and performance rubber compound

High adhesive fibers applied by precise manufacturing technology

Innovative bonding technology

Air Springs with cross-axial bellows, or ZAX bellows, are mainly used on the rear axle and combine the great torsion decoupling capability of an axial sleeve with the dimensional stability of a cross-ply bellows. The outer rubber compound ensures high performance and durability.

In an axial sleeve, the fibers embedded in the elastomer run axially to the deflection direction. In a cross-ply bellows the two layers of reinforcing elements are placed at an angle to each other. Unlike in a fabric, these elements are not connected.

The ZAX bellows combine the benefits of great torsion decoupling and dimensional stability. An innovative bonding technology and the highly adhesive fibers enable a precision manufacturing process. The outer rubber compound ensures high performance as well as durability.

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