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Overrunning Damper Isolator Pulleys

Combine a damper isolator pulley with a one-way-clutch feature

Isolator: Hub, Elastomer, Ring

Damper: Hub, Elastomer, Inertia Ring

The Overrunning Damper Isolator Pulley combines a damper isolator pulley and one-way-clutch feature. It addresses the negative effects of low belt tension to reduce friction and help reduce fuel consumption. It also retains the excellent isolation characteristics of familiar rubber isolators.

Static belt tension can be significantly reduced by using this next generation decoupled pulley, which combines the excellent isolation characteristics of familiar rubber isolators with a one-way-clutch feature.

In fuel-efficient start-stop systems, they eliminate the effects of an engine that is constantly starting and stopping and enable further savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions thanks to a one-way-clutch feature, which provides freewheeling in one direction. A torsional vibration feature can also be added if required.

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