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MCU Jounce Bumpers

Enable ride tuning, absorb energy from irregular road events, and support vehicle handling requirements

Absorbing energy from the road and supporting vehicle handling

Multiple material options available

Higher damping characteristics than rubber

Vibracoustic Micro Cellular Polyurethane (MCU) jounce bumpers work during medium and high vehicle load events. They absorb energy from the irregular road events, support vehicle handling requirements, and have excellent damping characteristics.

Vibracoustic can offer multiple MCU material and design options, including assembly with bumpers, dust covers, saturation cups or in complete air springs.

Another benefit of using Micro Cellular Polyurethane (MCU) is that it can be easily tuned and optimized simply by changing the material’s density. Once the geometry is developed through our standard FEA methods, there is usually no need to change chemistries, or part geometry, which results in a cost and time efficient development process.

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