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DualRubber Bushings

Simultaneously provide low damping vertically and high damping horizontally

Lightweight plastic housing with integrated radial limitation

High and low damping rubber compound in one product

DualRubber bushings are an alternative to conventional chassis bushings and more complex hydro bushings. By using two different rubber compounds respectively in the vertical and horizontal direction, DualRubber bushings help meet contradictory requirements in rear axle twist beam applications. Vertically they provide low damping and good acoustic isolation, while horizontally they offer high damping for improved shock absorption and aftershake.

Built into a lightweight plastic housing, this further enables the integration of radial limitations for precise tuning to customer needs. DualRubber Bushings are cost- and weight-efficient compared to more complex solutions like hydro bushings, and are therefore a good choice for lower and medium segment vehicles.

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