Commercial Vehicle Products

We collaborate with major commercial vehicle manufacturers to tackle current and future Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) challenges due to factors like increased emissions standards, efficiency demands, e-mobility, and autonomous driving. Our NVH solutions enhance the comfort, safety, and reliability of commercial vehicles, including trucks, tractors, trailers, buses, and coaches.

Our portfolio includes motor mounts, cabin mounts, chassis mounts, and commercial vehicle air springs. Motor mounts address low to high-frequency vibration isolation, ensuring stability and excellent NVH performance, crucial with the growing electrification of drivetrains. Chassis solutions are essential for vehicle stability and comfort, promoting cost-efficient and safe operations. Improved comfort benefits truck drivers’ health and performance, considering they spend up to ten times more time behind the wheel than light vehicle drivers.

Air Springs

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From the minimum loads of an unhitched tractor to the weight of a fully-loaded trailer, commercial vehicle axles need to cover extreme load fluctuations with the rear axles being exposed to the main load of those fluctuations.

Cabin Mounts

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Cabin mounts for truck cabins connect the cabin with the stabilizer and reduce vibrations transferred from the frame into the cabin. They can withstand high radial loads and torsional movements, thus ensuring a relaxed and comfortable ride.

Chassis Mounts

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In the transportation industry, cargo and goods need to be delivered on the road over long distances as quickly and safely as possible without incurring damage for both the vehicle and load.

Motor Mounts

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Motor mounts effectively isolate motor vibrations, dampen road excitations and support stability. Commercial vehicle drive trains with their heavy weight and high torques are a major source of vibrations. Commercial vehicle motor mounts from Vibracoustic help reduce noise and vibration, withstand high loads and torques, ensure reliable operation and are weight-optimized.