Meet your Future Colleagues

Our diverse team of around 12,000 experts, located across 40 sites in 17 countries, collaborates closely to solve any NVH challenge. Get to know some of your future colleagues here!

Raul Alberto Castrejon Villegas

Before we think of each other as operators, analysts, supervisors or managers, we all recognize each other as humans and that’s how we treat each other.

At Vibracoustic, we foster transparency, live mutual respect and give open feedback. I’m happy to be part of the Vibracoustic team. The company assigns me challenging and exciting tasks, while offering working conditions that match my work-life balance. I’m proud to wear my Vibracoustic shirt – inside and outside the company.

Controller, Toluca, Mexico

In 2018, Raul took over the position of Controller at our plant in Toluca, Mexico. This function includes responsibility for projects like the Operational Plan and Equipment Capacity.

Eshan Bhateja

I was fascinated from the very beginning. And I still am. I am so proud of how we are trying to change our industry for the better.

Our team is really a colorful mix. We have colleagues from China, Germany, Mexico and myself from India. And it’s these different perspectives that make us strong as a team. We are always ready to help each other, no matter where we come from. What I particularly like about our collaboration is that everyone can contribute their ideas and also their strengths and experience. This usually makes us faster and the result is also better than if I had to take care of all the steps on my own. I enjoy solving complex problems as part of a team. And I think it’s important to keep learning new things.

Manager, ERP Project Manufacturing, Logistics, Weinheim, Germany

Starting as an Engineer in Logistics at the Vibracoustic plant in Noida, India in 2011, Eshan held various positions within Supply Chain Management (SCM) since then. In 2015, he joined the Global SCM Process Team and in 2017, he moved to Weinheim, Germany. In 2022, Eshan embarked on a new opportunity and took the role of Manager, ERP Project Manufacturing, Logistics. Throughout his career, Eshan has successfully completed numerous projects aimed at improving logistics processes in various locations and regions.

Shaozhuang Liu

Attitude to work should always be exceptional

Responsibility is my favorite aspect of my work and the opportunity to deal with different people. Working with my colleagues here isn’t just about teaming up; it’s like a journey of self-discovery. Teamwork is a two-way process, where we learn how to work effectively in a group and additionally gain insights into our own abilities, weaknesses, and strengths. At the end, this helps us find the best solutions fulfilling customer requirements. It’s pretty incredible when you see how our commitment to excellence and the magic of teamwork make customers smile with gratitude.

Production Supervisor, Operations, Yantai, China

Shaozhuang started as an Operator at Vibracoustic in Yantai, China, in February 2012. In 2014, he was promoted to Production Foreman for surface treatment and in 2015 to Production Foreman for vulcanization. In 2018 he progressed to his current position as Production Supervisor. He is now responsible for the production team in the area of surface treatment.

Stacy Young

We at Vibracoustic are one big family: Everyone is made to feel important and treated like they matter.

When I started at Vibracoustic, I felt very welcome. People were friendly and I was able to pick up my training quickly. I want to pass this feeling on to all new team members now. I love to see my colleagues’ success and their personal and professional development after I’ve trained them. We at Vibracoustic are one big giant family: Everyone is made to feel important and treated like they matter.

Zone Lead and Trainer, Morganfield, Kentucky, US

Stacy started at Vibracoustic in Morganfield in 2015. As Zone Lead and Trainer, he is responsible for verifying machines and operators are running equipment to spec and providing quality parts to our customers.  He also trains and mentors new team members.


Nethra Madhukar

At Vibracoustic I love the internationality in culture and the people who define the organization.

I support the global HR organization in tackling operational and strategic challenges that arise with increasing digitalization and the high speed of change in the automotive industry. Vibracoustic for me is a great place to work because I can think outside the box and brainstorm new ideas and approaches. My strategic recommendations that contribute to expanding our leading market position as a specialized NVH supplier are highly valued.

HR IT Manager, Darmstadt, Germany

Nethra joined Vibracoustic in 2019. She is heading the implementation of a global HR project to digitalize all related HR processes at Vibracoustic. With this project she is introducing new state-of-the-art technology to manage Human Resources.

Zhenfeng Shang

Customer recognition is the greatest award.

Even before I started working for Vibracoustic, the company was known to me for its high innovation power, its professional engineering and development capability and its high-quality NVH solutions. Today, I know why the customers trust us. By working closely together, we know their requirements and are able to exceed expectations. Additionally, some parts developed by us are now an industry benchmark. This is the greatest award for my team and me.

Senior Manager Product Engineering, Wuxi, China

Zhenfeng joined Vibracoustic in 2009 as Project Manager and was promoted to team leader for several customer accounts a year later. In 2016, she took over the position as Senior Manager of an Application Team and later on progressed to a Senior Manager in Product Engineering in Wuxi, China.

Shuyan Zhang

I’m keeping an eagle eye on highest quality.

When it comes to my work, it’s really the little details that count. I’ve learned to see even the smallest mistakes that others might miss. I’m really proud of how diligent we are here at the company – it’s not just about quality control, it’s about safety and comfort when you’re on the road. We always want to be the best and we set the bar really high. My team? We have the same goal in mind, so we work towards it. And it’s not just about quality, it’s also about sustainability – less waste, more value, for a better future in the automotive world.

Manual Swaging Operator, Operations, Yantai, China

Shuyan joined the team in Yantai in 2014. She gradually grew into an experienced inspector through continuous trainings and experience gained. She is a role model for quality and by sharing her knowledge, she has trained many excellent apprentices. In her job as Manual Swaging Operator she is inspecting the finished goods for ensuring that only proper components leave our plants in order to add comfort to mobility.

Lorena Barcena Cortes

Taking on new challenges only motivates me more.

My journey so far has been full of learning and growing. Since I began my position, I have taken on quite a few challenges and now I also get to tackle a huge commercial vehicle project for North America. Such opportunities motivate me as I find it satisfying when a challenge gets completed and I can see that I am developing personally and professionally.

Manager, SCM Web Portals, Supply Chain Management, South Haven, USA

Lorena started her journey at Vibracoustic in 2018 in Mexico as a Program Buyer in an air spring facility. She has now moved to South Haven, USA, and is handling purchasing for one of our Business Units

BK Rao

Vibracoustic provides me with a great deal of freedom – to work, develop and express myself.

All our customers here in India value our close partnership, deep knowledge, innovative and reliable technology and our high quality. We achieve these customer advantages by our close collaboration across all locations within Vibracoustic. Our state-of-the art facilities and systems as well as our organizational structure allow us to work most efficiently and to learn from each other to constantly improve our own skills. With all efficiency, safety comes always first – I am extremely proud to say that safety for all employees is our top priority!

Director Application Teams, Mohali, India

BK Rao is Director of the Application Teams in Mohali, India. He joined Vibracoustic in 2012 as head of the engineering department. BK brings along his expertise from the steel industry. Together with his team at Vibracoustic, he develops new products from RFQ to serial production for domestic & overseas customers.

Jin Han

I appreciate how we handle innovations, how we come up with new ideas and how we invest in new technology.

I was able to take over responsibility for my projects from day one and started collaboration with the global Vibracoustic team immediately. I like facing challenges and going beyond. I also appreciate the spirit of how we handle innovations, how we come up with new ideas and how we invest in new technology. Everyone at Vibracoustic is putting focus on meeting today and tomorrow’s customer demands.

Vice President of Global Application Team, Wuxi, China

Jin started in 2019 as Head of Product Engineering, APAC and India in Wuxi, China. He and his team are analyzing and evaluating processes and define how to improve them, as well as supporting the roll-out of engineering efficiency initiatives within one of the Business Units. Jin’s personal mission is to challenge the way, how we look on things and how to work smarter.

Ricardo Manhi

Our team spirit is unique. Everyone is aligned in pursuit of the same goal: Adding comfort to mobility.

We at Vibracoustic are challenging the status quo and are constantly striving to find the perfect solution for any of our customer’s NVH challenges. Our team spirit is unique, and everyone is aligned in pursuit of the same goal: Adding comfort to mobility. I’m proud of our technological contributions to cars and trucks offered in the market. You feel the difference, but until today you didn’t know that’s us.

Logistics Manager, Taubate, Brazil

Ricardo joined Vibracoustic in 2016 as a Customer Service Manager. Today, he is a Logistics Manager and the point of contact for any questions regarding logistics inbound, outbound and planning.

Al Yuen

We as a team push boundaries to meet the needs of our customers.

I enjoy the variety of tasks. We as a team push boundaries to meet the needs of our customers. Completing a project really satisfies me. I am proud to know and to work with certain individuals who hold themselves to a high standard of performance and are good role models for the younger engineers. They exhibit high levels of integrity, knowledge, experience, diplomacy, dedication and more. I’m happy to be part of that team.

Principle Application Engineer, Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA

Al Yuen is Principle Application Engineer in Farmington Hills, Michigan, US. Since 2002 he is supporting Sales and Engineering along the entire development process – from sourcing to production. Al is also responsible for program management and production support in Farmington Hills.

Nandan Dasgupta

For us at Vibracoustic, no hurdle is too high to cope with.

Throughout my career at Vibracoustic, I experienced an inimitable culture of collaboration. Vibracoustic is persistently fostering innovation, open-mindedness, mutual respect, teamwork and the desire to succeed as one global team. For us at Vibracoustic, no hurdle is too high to cope with. This is why our customers perceive us as a technology partner and not only as a supplier. They appreciate our strong commitment towards product performance and quality, manufacturing capability, delivery performance and our ability to respond quickly.

Regional Head – Process Engineering and Vibracoustic Production System, Mohali, India

Nandan joined Vibracoustic in 2003 and took over a variety of functions within the last years with Vibracoustic, including manufacturing, rubber mixing, product engineering, process engineering and Vibracoustic Production System. In his current position, Nandan manages product launches in the Indian region by developing the suitable manufacturing process and tooling.

Nicolas David

I’m in the driver seat of my career, but Vibracoustic paves the road I’m taking.

Vibracoustic provides the right environment for ambitious people: My demand to develop professionally is valued and supported. My latest job promotion came along with a corresponding offer for training sessions. The certification I will receive after completion is a well-recognized degree in the industry. I’m in the driver seat of my career, but Vibracoustic paves the road I’m taking.

Production Supervisor, Nantes, France

Nicolas became part of the Vibracoustic team in Nantes in 2007 after being a temporary worker at the Vibracoustic plant. Within the following years, he took over different positions on the shop floor including Quality control and Team Leader Shop Floor. In 2022, he took over the position of Production Supervisor where he looks after the efficient production process.


Önder Uysal

You’ll never hear us say: we’ve always done it like that!

Vibracoustic puts safety first on every shop floor around the globe. Vibracoustic spares no effort to train the workforce in Health, Safety and Environment topics and therefore demonstrates that the company cares for us and our health. This increases not only my own awareness of these topics, but the awareness of the entire production workforce. We enjoy combining work experience with creativity, which is why you’ll never hear us say: ´we’ve always done it like that!` Internal exchanges of ideas enhance our skills and foster synergy. We embrace a team culture in which we help each other whenever needed. All these factors are reflected in our working culture.

Production Operator, Bursa, Turkey

Önder joined Vibracoustic in 2007 as Production Operator. Since then, he has completed multiple qualified training courses to grow personally and professionally. Currently, Önder is supporting the production system to further increase process efficiency and production time.

Lu Wang

Great company, great people, great job.

Vibracoustic pays attention to people and provides a platform for all employees to show their abilities. The company offers opportunities for personal and professional growth. I like the working atmosphere at Vibracoustic: colleagues have a very strong team spirit and determination to collaborate, which makes them highly efficient in their way of working. That inspires me – day in and day out.

Controlling Supervisor, Yantai, China

Lu has been part of the Vibracoustic team in Yantai since 2015.

Henry Dieckmann

At Vibracoustic, ideas become reality.

As an Application Engineer, I’m working closely with our customers to foster a long-term relationship that’s built on respect and mutual appreciation. I’m part of a diverse team with young as well as experienced engineers. We solve complex NVH challenges that change the way people experience comfort in mobility. It makes me proud that we develop customized solutions which can later be found in virtually every vehicle on roads around the world. We don’t just think in terms of today’s mobility.

Team Leader, Application Engineering, Hamburg, Germany

Henry became part of our Advanced Engineering team in Hamburg, Germany, in 2015. In 2017, he moved to the position as Application Engineer. In 2020, Henry became Team Leader Application Engineering. In addition to the close cooperation with his customers, the management of his team has been added as an essential activity. He is now responsible for the development and industrialization of new, constructive solutions and the optimization of the variants range in customer vehicle platforms.


Chuanrong Deng

Our strong collaboration results in personal strengths of each team member and innovative NVH solutions for our customers.

I am part of a powerful team of technical experts. We contribute to the company-wide credo to improve our products and innovate state-of-the-art NVH solutions for our customers. I developed a very close and trustful relationship with our customers. This close collaboration gives us the possibility to get in touch with our customers at an early stage of their development process for new projects. I love to share my experience with my team members, make their work more efficient and convenient and share our strong attitude to work as a team.

Project Manager Application Team, Weinheim, Germany

In 2015, Chuanrong started as Senior Application Engineer at Vibracoustic in Wuxi, China.  In 2018, she was promoted as a manager in one of our Business Units in APAC.  In 2020, she moved to our other Business Unit as a manager, responsible for a world leading German-based car manufacturer in APAC. In 2022 March, she relocated to Weinheim as a Project Manager in an Application Team in Europe.

Zeynep Ergüler

Here you can find a state-of-the-art working environment with regards to safety, processes and tools.

At Vibracoustic, you can find a state-of-the-art working environment with regards to safety, processes and tools. Safety first is the key principle for all shop floors worldwide. It’s all about the details when it comes to producing best-in-class solutions, and as a Chemist I compile the basis of all of them. My precision at work is appreciated, as is my mindset to constantly learn and improve.

Laboratory Assistant, Bursa, Turkey

Zeynep has been part of the Material Surface Treatment Team since 2010. Driven by their deep material science expertise, she and her team add comfort to mobility with excellent NVH solutions. Zeynep was part of the project team “I-chemistry”, whose goal was to ensure optimum protection for all employees during our production process.

Xingxing Huang

Committed to safety at work so we can spend valuable time with our loved ones afterwards

I can see that the company is dedicated to providing safety and good working conditions, even in the fast-moving environment. These things make our work smooth and productive, which is all part of our mission to bring more comfort to how we move around. I’m really proud of how our team sticks together and spares no effort on work, whether it’s their own task or supporting someone else. The company definitely recognizes our dedication and rewards us with job security and work arrangements that let us enjoy a healthy work-life balance. It’s awesome because it means I get to spend quality time with my kids after my shift ends.

Operator, Production, Chongqing, China

Xingxing started her journey at Vibracoustic in 2021 in our plant in Chongqing, China. As direct labor worker she is directly involved in producing NVH solutions and is jointly responsible for the high quality and reliability of our components for the automotive industry.

Bogdan Pop

We are a global team, united by the same goals – best quality and customer satisfaction.

I joined Vibracoustic because I was compelled from the multinational environment and the diversity of cultures. Since I started, I’ve enjoyed an open and rewarding collaboration with the different colleagues all over Europe. One of the factors that makes this possible is the fact that we are all striving for the same goals at the end of the day – to provide best quality products to our customers.

Quality Director Europe, Quality, Weinheim, Germany

Bogdan joined Vibracoustic in 2006 as a Shift Leader in the plant in Dej, Romania. In about three and a half years, he became a Quality Engineer and later a Quality Manager for the plant, a position he held until 2019. In 2019, he became the Quality Director for Europe and is now working from Weinheim, Germany, where he is coordinating quality-related activities for all the plants in the region.

Emmanuelle Moisy

Hit the road – At Vibracoustic, I can see my technical developments coming into operation.

My team and I change the way people experience comfort in mobility to the better. We create value with our solutions and innovations. I like the dynamics and the variety of the automotive industry, as new automotive technologies arise at fast pace. Our engineering projects have a tight schedule, and this is where we can apply our technology and process expertise. When I cross certain cars on the road, I know that some technical components inside were engineered and produced by us. This is what makes me proud.

Manager Application Team, Nantes, France

Emmanuelle became part of the Vibracoustic team in Nantes in 2007 in the position of Application Engineer. Since then, she developed to her current position as Manager of the Application team. Her development was accompanied with her participation in an in-house leadership development program. Emmanuelle benefited from Vibracoustic’s strong culture of collaboration and the appreciative attitude to giving feedback for developing personally and as a leader. 

Oscar Rodríguez Márquez

At Vibracoustic, my drive to grow and to develop professionally is highly appreciated.

Good work and the courage to take on new tasks is valued. In 2016, I asked my local HR manager for a flextime working model as I wanted to begin my Mechatronic Engineering studies. Not only did Vibracoustic agree to it, the company also provided me with a scholarship. For me, this is the right place to reach my full potential and achieve my goal of working as an engineer.

Process Engineer, Toluca, Mexico

Oscar joined Vibracoustic in 2011. At first, he was employed as a Mold Cleaner, he then progressed to Mold Changer and then to Tool Technician in our plant in Toluca. After finishing his engineering studies in 2021, supported by Vibracoustic, he was promoted to Process Engineer.

Şenay Gergil

My colleagues are not just people who I work with, but great friends too.

Working with virtually every light vehicle manufacturer, commercial vehicle manufacturer and tier 1 supplier in the world to solve complex NVH challenges makes me proud and comes with lots of responsibilities. But even during a stressful working day I feel welcome and appreciated by my colleagues. They are not just people who I work with, but great friends too. What makes me even more proud is to be a part of a company that is committed to its people. Vibracoustic funds social projects.

Method and Documentation Technician, Bursa, Turkey

Şenay has been working for us since 1997. She is responsible for Methods and Documentation at our plant in Bursa, Turkey, and is currently working on master data updates in SAP. She has taken on different roles in different projects and conducts in-house training for her colleagues in Bursa, based on her expertise and experience.

Allen Yuan

Valuing diversity and embracing sustainability really makes me proud

I’ve been part of Vibracoustic for over a decade, and it’s been a great fit for me. Every single day, I feel reinvigorated to work alongside a team that’s all about pushing the boundaries, learning and growing together. Our workplace is all about inclusivity, and it’s like a breeding ground for fresh ideas and a solid foundation that lets us go above and beyond to deliver outstanding products worldwide. We’re always up for a challenge, and we constantly review how we do things, making sure we’re as eco-friendly as possible. It’s our way of giving back and working towards a better future for everyone.

Manager Production, Operations, Wuxi, China

Since October 2022, Allen is Production Manager in one of our Wuxi plants, China. She started as Senior Application Engineer in April 2011, and has held multiple positions in SCM and Operations in between. On her journey with Vibracoustic, Allen completed several trainings that strengthened her technical and leadership skills as well as trainings that keeps her knowledge of lean production refreshed.

Anja Krogull

Within the global network of Vibracoustic, I can collaborate with the brightest minds of the industry.

From day one, I could quickly develop professionally by learning-on-the-job, participating in development programs, and by taking on responsibility for my own projects. Today, I have a diversified, exciting and challenging job in a very flexible and supportive working atmosphere, which is characterized by very appreciative and trusting collaboration among all colleagues and managers.

Account Manager, Air Springs Light Vehicle, Hamburg, Germany

Anja joined Vibracoustic in 2016 as Sales Assistant and has worked with one customer from the beginning. As participant in the Emerging Talent Program, Anja worked directly for our Management Board. In 2018 she took over the position of Air Springs Light Vehicle Account Manager, and appreciates the mix of commercial activities and insight into our NVH expertise.

Tim McGowen

Vibracoustic is the right place for me to evolve and reach my full potential.

End of 2016, I was looking for a new job. I felt I’d outgrown the company I was employed with back then. I’m so lucky to have got to know Vibracoustic – it’s a company that puts great emphasis on training and development. Vibracoustic is the right place for me to evolve and reach my full potential. Finally, I was given the opportunities for growth I was pursuing.

Senior Director Logistics North America, South Haven, Michigan, US

Tim joined us in 2017 and hit the ground running, visiting all our 14 North American sites in the first six months. He received his first international assignment in October 2017 and spent two months at our site in Noida, India. Since January 2018, Tim has been back in North America and is now Senior Director Logistics, responsible for planning and managing our logistics in the US, Mexico and Brazil.

Hermann Ott

From bird’s eye to detailed perspective – expertise requires the full spectrum.

Moving from bird’s eye view at the corporate controlling to the detailed controlling on plant level allows me to obtain a different perspective and expand my expertise. As part of plant controlling, I evaluate activities and make recommendations for business process improvements that at the end of the day contribute to achieve the overall company goals.

Global Analyst, Controlling, Weinheim, Germany

Hermann joined Corporate Controlling as part of the Management Reporting Team in 2017. At the end of 2020, he moved from Darmstadt to Neuenburg, Germany, where he switched from Corporate to Plant Controlling. Two years later, Hermann assumed the position of Global Analyst, where he performs result analyses for one of the Business Units.

Bill Fetterley

Working at Vibracoustic is great due to the wonderful people I’m working with and the distinct culture of collaboration I feel here.

I enjoy fixing things, being able to make improvements – and making a difference. My job and working at Vibracoustic is great due to the wonderful people I’m working with and the distinct culture of collaboration I feel here. I work in close connection with the global test team and get their help with best practice at their different locations. Everyone is friendly, open and willing to help with questions.

Test Lab Manager, South Haven, Michigan, US

Since 2018, Bill has been Test Lab Manager at our site in South Haven. In 2020 his responsibilities were increased to also include management of the South Haven Tech Center Maintenance department. He is responsible for documentation of all testing capabilities at our North American facilities. Currently, Bill is working on the implementation of a new preventative maintenance system, installation of multiple testing improvement projects and developing a new lab manual.