Our Commitment to People and the Environment

Our commitment to people and the environment is structured using a holistic approach to sustainability, which incorporates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aspects.


We are focused on reducing our environmental impact by utilizing sustainable materials, reducing waste, and thoughtful usage of resources, contributing towards a sustainable future for the next generations.


We encourage diversity in every respect, promoting an inclusive work environment for all. We care for the health and well-being of all our associates, fostering commitment from everyone to behave responsibly.


We are committed to our values and ethical business conduct. Integrity sits at the core of our business relationships with customers, business partners, stakeholders and each other.

Our broad ESG approach to sustainability addresses key issues such as the urgent need to protect the environment and natural resources, while also striving to create a physically and psychologically safe and inclusive workplace for our people. This includes promoting diversity and inclusion, fostering a culture of respect and transparency, and providing opportunities for professional development and career growth.In addition, our ESG approach ensures that our corporate values and ethical business practices are the fundamental pillars of all our actions. This means that we prioritize transparency, accountability, and responsible decision-making in all aspects of our operations, both within the organization and with external business partners.By adopting this approach to sustainability, we are committed to not only reducing our impact on the environment but also creating long-term value for our stakeholders, including our employees, customers, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate.


Our holistic approach to sustainability guides our actions and decision-making. It will ensure we are doing our part in driving a sustainable future, contributing to a better tomorrow for future generations. By doing so, we aim to deliver positive results that will make a difference.

Frank Mueller, CEO

Focus Areas Environmental Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion

From our holistic ESG approach to sustainability, we want to highlight two focus topics that are particularly important to us: Environmental Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion.Through our focus on Environmental Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on our people, our planet, and our communities.

Developing Our Sustainability Strategy

Our Vibracoustic ESG Council includes top management representatives and functions as a cross-functional forum for sustainability.The council consists of representatives from business functions, such as human resources, finance, compliance, health, safety, and environment (HSE), sales, supply chain management and operations. They strategize and direct sustainability initiatives for their departments and communicate these important topics within their teams. The council regularly meets to drive measures and review progress. With support from all our locations, the ESG Council evaluates outcomes and initiates new steps to ensure continued progress.

Vibracoustic supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as our call to action for sustainable improvements. Our sustainability strategy features measurable key performance indicators and concrete goals that are cascaded through our organization and monitored both globally and locally. Additionally, we share best practices across our sites, communicating what we have learned and delivered at each location.

We All Drive Sustainability

We encourage all our people to take part in our sustainability actions and to help inform and enrich our strategy. Our people are best placed to shape and deliver change at their own Vibracoustic locations. We celebrate their ambition to implement improvements – however large or small – across all areas of our operations. Even the smallest improvements can add up to a great result in the end.

Safety Improvement in Bursa, Türkiye

Our plant in Bursa, Türkiye, implemented technical safety improvements on the phosphate coating line, which includes moving machinery. A sensor was added to read cards carried by our employees, forcing the moving machines to stop at a safe distance. This increases the overall safety for our machine operators and contributes to creating a safer working environment for all.

Collaborating for Emission Reduction in Yantai, China

Our team in Yantai, China, implemented a project to reduce emissions at the plant. By installing ultraviolet active-carbon gas treatments within the facility, the team reduced both the concentration of waste gas in the workshop and overall exhaust gas emissions. This has created a healthier working environment for our people, while also improving the environment in and around the plant.

Taking Action to Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle in Taubaté, Brazil

Our plant in Taubaté, Brazil, recycles its pallets to reduce wood waste. This is done in partnership with Association Reviver EMAÚS, which shows commitment to social equity by providing employment to disadvantaged people. Used pallets are checked, prepared, and transported back to the plant for use in various processes. As a result, our colleagues have reduced the amount of wood waste generated in the plant, while also helping to reduce the number of trees being cut down for new pallets.

We Care for our Communities

Vibracoustic is focused on supporting the communities that we live and work in. Our people are teaming up with non-profit organizations that are making an impact on our local environments, schools, and neighborhoods. Whether it is planting trees or creating a safe learning environment, our people are taking steps to give back to their local schools, parks, and nature preserves.

Our people in Gemlik, Türkiye, renovated a truck and equipped it as a mobile classroom to provide education to children at rural areas – especially those who have been affected by the earthquake.

Our people in Bursa, Türkiye, volunteered their time at a local elementary school in need of a new playground and classroom equipment.

Our people in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA, got their hands dirty cleaning up a local tree nursery, where tree saplings are grown for subsequent planting throughout the city of Detroit.

Our people in Querétaro, Mexico, have volunteered to plant saplings and clean up a local nature preserve outside the city.

Our people in Mělník, Czechia, delivered significant improvements to a local kindergarten by refurbishing the playground and classroom.