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Center Bearing Supports

Offer perfect isolation and damp excessive drive shaft tumbling and orbiting

Rubber compound optimized for acoustic isolation, high temperatures and orbiting

Rubber geometry optimized for high axial displacement, constant radial stiffness and high durability

Crash features available

Weight optimized brackets geometry

Center bearing supports carry the load of the drive shaft while allowing axial and radial deflection during start-up and braking. They offer the perfect isolation of structure-borne noise and vibration by damping resonance frequency and shaft tumbling.

The optimized rubber compound for acoustic isolation is also resistant to high temperatures and rotational forces. The rubber geometry can be optimized for high axial and radial displacement, constant radial stiffness and high durability. The brackets can be weight-optimized with a robust but light geometry, and different materials like steel, aluminum or even plastic can be used. Furthermore, center bearing supports can also be designed to work as a crash feature in case of accident.

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