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MCU Top Mounts

Isolate road noise and more effectively react shock loads with high amplitude damping and a long linear rate response

Low temperature MCU material and rubber version also available

Micro Cellular Polyurethane (MCU) top mounts are used for the wheel-controlling connecting links that reduce the transfer of dynamic loads from the suspension into the chassis, isolate road noise, and more effectively react shock loads with high amplitude damping combined with a long linear rate response.

MCU top mounts perform two basic functions. They reduce the rolling noise in the vehicle and react the shock inputs such as driving over bumps or potholes. Overall, they help improve the vehicle comfort and handling characteristics.

Top mounts with spring seats made of MCU help to isolate tire noise. And thanks to the high-volume compressibility of MCU, the housing size can be reduced, which has positive knock-on effects on costs, weight, and space requirements.

Vibracoustic can offer multiple MCU material and design options, including full top mount assemblies. Low temperature MCU material and multiple rubber material options are available as needed for each customer application.

Another benefit of using Micro Cellular Polyurethane (MCU) is that it can be easily tuned and optimized by changing the material’s density. There is usually no need to change chemistries or part geometry, providing a cost and time efficient development process.

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