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Spherical Center Sleeves

Align the gear box to the drive shaft and allow high cardanic angles using a spherical elastomer track

Inner sleeve made of special plastic or bronze optimized for decreased wear characteristics

Spherical elastomer track for no tensile-compression stresses

Optimized sealing function and NVH behavior

Special spherical form of outer deep-drawn sleeve

Center sleeves permanently align the drive shaft with flexible drive shaft couplings or rubber joint discs, and are therefore constantly exposed to high rotational speeds. In a Spherical Center Sleeve, these forces are transferred using an integrated spherical elastomer track.

In this way, the sleeve is relieved from tensile and compression loads, and is only exposed to shear stress. The result is optimized wear characteristics, since elastomers can bear the drive shaft load much better. An optimized sealing function increases the NVH behavior of the sleeve.

The spherical form of the elastomer track comprises an outer deep-drawn sleeve and an inner sleeve of plastic or bronze, optimized for decreased wear characteristics, higher durability and better driving comfort.

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