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Subframe Mounts

Isolate high-frequency vibrations and noises from the road and from auxiliary devices

Rubber compound and shape tuned to required stiffness characteristic

Outer housing made of lightweight plastic

Rubber compound with smooth characteristic in driving direction to increase comfort

Subframe mounts provide a double isolation function to compensate noises from the road and from auxiliary devices like pumps and compressors. Customized for specific requirements, their inertia characteristics significantly reduce high-frequency vibrations from the road, and increase comfort and safety.

Subframe mounts must provide high stiffness in the vehicle’s transverse direction, low stiffness in the longitudinal and vertical direction, and a low dynamic hardening. Customized for specific requirements, Vibracoustic uses highly elastic and soft elastomer compounds as well as component shape designs to achieve good noise isolation and increase comfort and safety.

The outer housing can also be made of lightweight plastic, which allows geometric design flexibility as well as it helps to save weight and costs.

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