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Hydro Bushings

Modify dynamic properties with hydraulic damping function

Radial rubber stopper limits radial displacement and cover high loads

Hydro fluid providing damping for a smooth ride

Axial rubber stopper limits axial displacement

Outer housing made of lightweight aluminum with resistance to corrosion

Bushings serve to connect various vehicle components like the body, chassis, suspension, floor pan or link arms. Hydro bushings include a hydraulic damper to respond to road surface excitation. The fluid adjusts the dynamic properties of the bushings depending on road excitations.

Conventional bushings have a main rubber spring with a low damping rubber compound, modified to the required stiffness. In addition, hydro bushings include a fluid channel for adjustable hydraulic damping. The fluid responds to frequency and amplitude, and adjusts the dynamic properties of the bushing depending on the road excitations. Inserted rubber stoppers limit the radial and axial displacement and cover peak loads.

Because bushings are exposed to all types of weather, the outer housing can be made of non-corrosive materials like aluminum.

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