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NRG-Disc Flexible Rubber Couplings

Reduce effects of unwanted torsional vibrations and high frequency noises, offer a strong, compact and cost-effective drive shaft coupling

High strength steel-bushings ensure screw connection

Special sleeves separates cord-packages increasing durability at high cardanic angles

Innovative cord-construction with superior durability

Optimized rubber compound improving NVH isolation

The cord-reinforced flexible drive shaft rubber coupling solves vibration-related challenges deriving from the unwanted torsional vibrations and high frequency noises of the drive shaft in rear- and all-wheel drive vehicles. It offers manufacturers a strong, compact and cost-effective alternative to a hardy disc.

The NRG-Disc isolates torsional vibration occurring at the drive shaft, harmonizes the torque ramp-up and compensates the axial displacement and cardanic angle. Any desired spring rate can be set in combination with special bushings to ensure axial force compensation. This could be achieved by specific cord packages for drive and reverse direction, the use of different cord types, optimized winding processes and rubber compounds. The coupling can be flexibly designed according to the customer’s requirements without any change of geometrical dimensions.

The disc can also withstand the highest torques and is significantly more durable and lighter than current series-produced solutions available on the market, thanks to its specially developed components. High strength steel bushings always ensure a secure screw connection.

Special sleeves separate the cord-packages and an innovative cord construction ensures durability even at high cardanic angles. At 4.5°, the maximum cardanic angle is particularly high, and therefore enables the NRG-Disc to be applied even in demanding installation spaces, without compromising on durability.


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