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Hydro Motor Mounts

Combine acoustic isolation with balanced damping performance

Lightweight aluminium housing

Rubber passive amplitude decoupler membrane

Motor mounts carry the static and dynamic loads of the motor throughout its entire service life and are also an important factor in isolating low to high frequency vibrations. To address the divergent damping demands, hydro motor mounts offer excellent driving comfort by combining the acoustic isolation function of a conventional rubber mount with the balanced damping performance of a hydraulic fluid.

A hydro motor mount has an upper and lower chamber connected by a series of channels and separated by a rubber membrane inside a cage. The mount is filled with hydraulic fluid, which generates secondary damping.

At small idle amplitudes, the rubber membrane of the passive amplitude decoupler easily moves up and down, allowing the mount to remain very soft. At larger road shake amplitudes, the cage stops the decoupler motion, thus redirecting the fluid flow to the main channel in order to create hydraulic damping for a comfortable ride. To optimize the function and tunability of the mount to suit varying customer demands, complex hole patterns for the membrane-holding grid as well as fluid channel geometries can be developed and applied.

A vertical stopper made of thermoplastic elastomer with a corrugated surface for smooth and quiet engagement prevents metal to metal contact at maximum impacts. Lightweight aluminum housings further reduce weight and increase overall efficiency.

Motor mounts control engine movement in all directions, thereby achieving excellent driving comfort and driving dynamics without compromising performance.

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