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Air Springs with Cross-Ply Bellows

Comfort optimized with superior robustness

Comfort optimized air sleeve with high precision fibre reinforcement

Superior air tightness on a wide temperature range

Steel reinforced crimp area

Lightweight plastic top and piston

Air Springs with cross-ply bellows are mainly used on the rear axle and are comfort optimized air sleeves with high precision fiber reinforcement. The advantages of cross-ply bellows are their superior robustness, air tightness and dimensional stability at all temperatures.

The cross-ply bellows uses two layers of reinforcement fibers. These are placed in the bellows wall at an angle to each other and define the pressure resilience. The layers are coated from both sides with a sealing or protective elastomer layer. Another elastomer layer, the intermediate layer, is applied between the two layers of threads. The intermediate layer defines the geometrical cohesion of the two layers of threads, and thus influences service life and comfort. A steel reinforced crimp area ensures the bellows has a secure and air-tight fit. Cross-ply bellows can be combined with plastic top pots and pistons for a lightweight design.

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