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When you join the Vibracoustic team, you will discover an innovative, safe and dynamic workplace atmosphere with many opportunities for personal growth and development in a global network.

Get to Know First Hand what it Means to Work for Vibracoustic

What we Stand for as an Employer

  • Fair Compensation

    We offer more than a job: we strive to build and maintain lasting, valuable relationships with team members. Consequently, fair compensation goes without saying. We offer attractive salary packages and employee benefits that comply with, or exceed, local minimum requirements or current industry standards.

  • Environmental Responsibility

    We are committed to our responsibilities toward society and the environment worldwide and we understand the potential to make a significant, lasting impact – today and for generations to come. Vibracoustic encourages team members to engage in social, educational and environmental projects in their local communities.

  • Culture of Collaboration

    Our collaborative culture builds on the exchange of know-how and best practices. We nurture diversity of opinion and foster transparency, respect, safety and open feedback as key elements of our workplace. Learn more about our Values.

  • International Teams

    Benefit from daily collaboration with the industry’s brightest minds from all over the world.

  • Flexible Work Schedules

    Our flexible work schedule options, including part-time and remote work, allow you to better align your professional responsibilities and personal priorities.

  • Work-life Balance

    We love to spend time with you – but so do others. As much as we value your performance, we want you to recharge your batteries and spend time with your (other) loved ones. Vibracoustic actively supports you in finding a healthy balance between your private and professional life.

  • Workplace Health and Safety

    Our ViBeS (Vibracoustic Be Safe) initiative puts safety first in all workplaces around the globe. No exceptions.

  • Employee Development Programs

    We strongly focus on personal and talent development and continuously encourage employees to take ownership of their career. Vibracoustic offers various tools to boost your national or international career.

  • Open-door Policy

    Our doors are open to you! Dialog is deeply anchored in our leadership philosophy. We foster transparency, respect, feedback and safety as key workplace elements.

  • Employee Empowerment

    We encourage team members to think like entrepreneurs by embracing responsibility, making informed decisions and taking calculated risks.

  • State-of-the-art working environment

    We apply the highest safety standards and use the best processes and tools to create a state-of-the-art workplace.