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Battery Pack Mounts

An effective battery mounting and isolation system designed specifically for commercial vehicle applications.

Minimize effects of road excitations and frame deflection

Enhance structural integrity and frame stiffness

Accommodate high travel for excellent stability

Help reduce forces in an impact for better crash protection

Whether considering a fully electric, hybrid or fuel-cell commercial vehicle (CV) powertrain, effectively mounting and protecting the battery pack is a critical consideration. Modern commercial vehicle battery packs can weigh from 100 to 6,000kg. Given the immense challenges associated with managing such mass – mounting, crash loading, durability and NVH – a robust and well-engineered solution is essential.

This comprehensive Battery Pack mounting solution has been designed to meet the emerging requirements of OEMs in unique load and durability requirements of electrified CVs.

The system helps to minimize the transfer of road excitations to the battery pack, while compensating for any deflection in the chassis or vehicle structure.

Vibracoustic’s mounts enhance structural integrity and can accommodate high travel, ensuring battery pack stability and protection in operational conditions.

The mounts have also been designed to reduce the forces transferred to the battery pack in the event of an impact, absorbing and dissipating energy.

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