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Axle Bump Stops

Limit axle deflection and protect the axle, leaf springs and frame

High robustness and weight-optimized

Simple and cost-efficient design

Rubber compound protecting the frame

Rubber compound limiting axle deflection

Axle bump stops for commercial vehicles limit axle deflection and protect the leaf springs and frame from being damaged from overload or in extreme driving situations like emergency braking. The axle bump stops have a weight-optimized design without compromising on reliable robustness.

Axle bump stops consist of a weight-optimized metal and rubber component to protect the vehicle from being damaged from overload. The s-shaped rubber limiter provides high stiffness to limit the maximum deflection of the axle, ensuring the leaf springs and frame are not hit by the axle under heavy loads. In case of emergency braking, it absorbs uncontrollable deformations of the leaf spring and prevents it from overstretching or even braking.

The axle bump stops are specially designed for optimized weights as well as reliable robustness.

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