Air Springs | Commercial Vehicle Products


Offer significant weight savings, high comfort and robustness for maximum efficiency

Optional bump stop for greater passenger comfort

Lightweight construction for optimized CO2 emission, fuel consumption, corrosion behavior and extended spring travel

Highly flexible application in bus and trucks possible

Maximum air volume with plastic or composite piston

Lighttronics lightweight air springs for trucks, busses and coaches are up to three kilograms lighter than the standard products. The significant weight savings of up to six kilograms per drive axle result in higher efficiency, less fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions.

The development of the Lighttronics lightweight commercial vehicle air spring is an engineering masterpiece from Vibracoustic. With the goal to reduce the weight of air springs for trucks and busses, Vibracoustic engineers replaced the heavy steel piston with a lightweight plastic design. Unlike other plastic pistons, the Vibracoustic Lighttronics air springs have a plastic piston made out of one piece without any weld. Avoiding welds in plastic pistons is a big challenge, but it pays off as avoiding the welding seam removed a particularly weak point of those products. Achieving the maximum available air spring volume like comparable steel pistons as well as significantly reducing the unswung mass, the Vibracoustic one-piece plastic composite piston design offers maximum performance when it comes to comfort and vehicle stability and helps to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

The seamless outer length of the plastic piston is longer compared to comparable lightweight air springs, allowing a longer spring travel and therefore a broader range of commercial vehicle applications. In addition, an innovative self-sealing connection between the maximum volume composite piston and the air bellow was developed. The result is an optimized air spring characteristic and a faster vehicle lifting with a high level of comfort and excellent vehicle stability under all driving conditions. Especially for busses and coaches, where passenger comfort is key, Lighttronics air springs are an excellent solution and are available with an integrated comfort bumper for even higher comfort.

A plastic piston is non-corrosive, needs less maintenance and offers high durability. The fiberglass-reinforced, heat and cold-resistant plastic piston from Vibracoustic has a very high energy absorption, resulting in reliable protection against damages like stone impacts. Lighttronics commercial vehicle air springs are robust and resistant to environmental influences.

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