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Reaction Rod Bushings

Withstand high radial loads and reduce rear axle vibrations

Robust inner metal protecting from high brake loads

Special rubber contour protecting from overload

Spezielle Gummikontur für hohe kardanische und niedrige torsionale Steifigkeit

Reaction rod bushings are used as a link between the chassis and the axle to enable the lifting and lowering function of truck axles. They withstand high radial loads as well as allow a low torsional and cardanic stiffness to reduce vibrations at the rear axle. This provides increased driving comfort as well as high durability.

Due to the high radial loads when the axle is lowered, the special rubber shape in the bushings provides high cardanic and low torsional stiffness. This protects from overload and ensures high durability as well as a reliable operation.

The bushing also offers a low torsional and cardanic stiffness, which enables the low secondary spring rate of the axle. As a result, vibrations at the rear axle are reduced and driving comfort improved.

In extreme load situations like emergency braking, a robust inner metal protects the axle from these high loads.

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