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Comfort Bearings

Offer low radial and axial stiffness and minimum installation space

Less installation space due to integrated axial stops

Special rubber compound for low radial and axial stiffness

Cabin mounts for truck cabins connect the cabin with the stabilizer and reduce vibrations transferred from the frame into the cabin. They can withstand high radial loads and torsional movements, thus ensuring a relaxed and comfortable ride.

Truck drivers spend approximately ten times longer behind the wheel than car drivers. Therefore, optimizing the NVH-performance has a high impact on their well-being and safety. Comfort bearings with special rubber compounds offer low radial and axial stiffness, which results in the high isolation of engine and road-induced vibrations. This provides excellent comfort for the driver.

In addition, due to the integrated axial stops, it requires less installation space than conventional cabin mounts.

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