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Bolster Springs

Adapt to different load conditions and improve driving comfort and stability

Integrated pin protecting the bolster spring

Customized design for changing operating conditions

Customized design for different load cases

Bolster springs are used in walking beam suspension applications, particularly common in North America and for heavy duty applications. Being installed as a twin-axle unit, they connect the vehicle axle with the steel spring. Compared to the usual steel supports, they offer noise reduction, improved driving comfort and stability as well as protection of the steel spring from wear.

The adapted design of the bolster springs offers flexible spring rates, depending on the load situation: a soft spring rate for high driving comfort when the vehicle is unladen or a stiff spring rate for high stability when laden. The bolster spring characteristics can be flexibly adapted to different empty weights and payloads, making them an ideal solution for commercial vehicles in varying operating conditions.

The integrated pin limits the maximum spring deflection, resulting in high durability and reliable performance.

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