Development, production and integration of complete air spring systems

We are a leading air springs manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in developing and producing air springs for the automotive industry. We support light vehicle manufacturers in developing, producing and integrating complete air spring systems based on our state-of-the-art air springs portfolio, including switchable multi-chamber technologies.

This support includes the development of the electronic control unit (ECU) including software. Furthermore, we provide and integrate auxiliary hardware like sensors, valves, compressors and air tanks as well as integrate the air springs system within the full vehicle system.

An air spring system, developed by Vibracoustic, is in mass production for a sporty SUV of a European premium car brand, providing both excellent comfort and dynamic performance. The system features innovative switchable three-chamber air springs with actively controlled shock absorbers, the ECU including software and the integration of the system components into the full vehicle system.

Air spring suspensions are becoming more and more popular as they fulfill various demands for improved comfort as well as optimized driving dynamics. They keep the vehicle at a constant level and allow the lowering of the car at high speeds to improve aerodynamics. Furthermore, the airflow under the car can be optimized for passive battery cooling in electric vehicles and switchable versions can provide different degrees of stiffness for even more flexibility in the vehicle’s comfort and dynamic performance.

This flexibility and complexity require a comprehensive understanding of the air springs itself and their integration and collaboration within the whole vehicle system, not only on the product but also on the software side.

New and emerging light vehicle manufacturers, as well as established manufacturers who have not used air suspensions too frequently, often lack in-house expertise when it comes to the integration of the system components to a complete air suspension system to fulfill the required functionality in the vehicle.

With our dedicated team of air springs, system and software engineers as well as our comprehensive air springs expertise, we support manufacturers throughout the whole development process to improve their vehicle’s driving comfort and handling. This ranges from defining the requirements of various components and their characteristics to developing and specifying entire electronic control units (ECU), including their base and application software for all kinds of air springs systems.

Air Spring System in a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle

Electronic Control Unit (ECU)

Air Springs for front axle (left) and rear axle (right) 

Height Sensor

Acceleration Sensor

Air Reservoir

Compressor and Valve Block