Darmstadt, 19. November 2019 |

Vibracoustic awarded with Q1 Certification by Ford Motor Company

The Vibracoustic plant in Třebechovice, Czech Republic, has recently been awarded with the Ford Motor Company’s Q1 Certification, the highest recognition for quality and customer satisfaction for suppliers of this vehicle manufacturer.

Vibracoustic is a leading global NVH solution provider for the automotive industry and its production site in Třebechovice demonstrated excellent performance and high customer service to Ford. Receiving the Q1 Certification is a recognition of Vibracoustic´s constant high performance in quality, delivery, operations, material management and compliance with environmental system requirements.

In Třebechovice Vibracoustic produces torsional vibration dampers, which reduce crankshaft vibrations, and tuned mass dampers, used for example in steering wheel, seat and brake dampers for Ford. “We are proud that our plant in Třebechovice has received the Ford Q1 Certification, which is considered as an indication of exceptional quality and customer satisfaction in the automotive industry. In all our 43 sites across the globe, we strive to provide excellent, high quality NVH products for our customers every day. This award is a great recognition of our commitment to quality and proves that we are a reliable, trusted partner for our customers,” says Frank Müller, CEO of the Vibracoustic AG.

Vibracoustic employs around 190 people in Třebechovice and produces NVH solutions for drive train applications like torsional vibration dampers as well as isolators and dampers for leading automotive vehicle manufacturers like Ford.


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