Darmstadt, 04. September 2019 |

Seat dampers increase in-car-entertainment experience

More and more premium – and family – cars are equipped with entertainment devices for the back row, mostly integrated in the seats. The entertainment experience and therewith the comfort of the passengers in the back are highly dependent on the vibration behavior of the vehicle and especially the seats. To address this challenge – which might be even more important if autonomous driving becomes mass suitable. Vibracoustic offers a modular seat damper design concept with standardized rubber elements to reduce vibrations significantly.

Entertainment systems in cars are becoming more and more popular. But the quality of the movie or gaming experience does not only depend on the content but also on the vibrations of the vehicle. Motions from the car body are being transferred to the front seat, where the screens are mostly mounted, and therefore to the entertainment system, causing visual vibrations and a bad entertainment experience. This does not only come along with an unsatisfying travel experience but can also cause motion sickness for the passengers in the back of the vehicle.

Vibracoustic developed a special tuned mass damper for the seat structure that can be adapted to the given package space inside of the seat. The modular “Reqill-Universal” design concept uses standardized rubber elements based on silicon rubber, a custom-fit and cost-effective solution, which is 100% recyclable. The “Reqill-Universal” mass damper has the benefit of providing a universal solution that can be customized for any vehicle to damp vibrations. Besides the seat application it can also be used for instance in combination with the airbag inflator, in the steering wheel, the body and the roof.


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