Darmstadt/Sroda Slaska, 08. August 2018 |

Vibracoustic invests around four million euros in the expansion of its Polish plant Sroda Slaska I

Vibracoustic, the leading provider of vibration control solutions for the automotive industry, is expanding its Polish plant Sroda Slaska I with investments of around four million euros. With this, the company seeks to expand its leading market position and lay the foundation for further growth.

At the Sroda Slaska I plant, Vibracoustic produces conventional and hydraulic chassis mounts for international automotive customers. As part of the expansion, new capacities will be created for microcellular polyurethane (MCU) components. In addition, the establishment of a local prototyping facility, including testing, will significantly shorten the development and industrialization process for customer orders. Around four million euros will be invested into modern production facilities that meet the highest industry standards in terms of productivity, occupational safety and environmental protection. As a result of the expansion, Vibracoustic will create a total of 50 new jobs by the end of 2018 at Sroda Slaska I, mainly in the areas of production, maintenance and engineering.

The main reasons for the expansion of the Polish plant were, in addition to general economic reasons, the high level of competence of employees, the high level of quality, the delivery reliability for local and international customers, awards in the area of health, safety and environmental protection as well as the close and excellent cooperation with local authorities.

The investment of four million euros in the expansion of Sroda Slaska I, and thus in a state-of-the-art workplace, is a logical step for Vibracoustic that will enable it to achieve further growth and expand the company’s market position.

Vibracoustic has been producing chassis mounts for vehicles of leading car manufacturers at the Sroda Slaska I plant for 19 years and currently employs more than 360 people there. In total, Vibracoustic employs more than 750 people in the two Polish plants Sroda Slaska I and II.

Vibracoustic is the leading supplier of vibration control solutions to the global automotive and commercial vehicle industries. The company generated sales of around 2.1 billion euros in 2017. With around 10,000 employees at 43 locations in 19 countries, Vibracoustic develops and manufactures driveline and chassis components that reduce vibrations and noise.


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