Darmstadt, March 02 2021 |

Vibracoustic equipped all-electric Hongqi E-HS9 luxury-class SUV with air springs and hydro bushings

Vibracoustic delivers front and rear axle air springs as well as hydro bushings for the new Hongqi E-HS9 to provide excellent driving comfort. The all-electric luxury-class SUV is available on the Chinese market since late 2020 and is the top-of-the-line luxury SUV from Hongqi, the luxury brand of the Chinese car manufacturer FAW.

Vibracoustic has a long-standing and good business relationship with the Chinese car manufacturer FAW and already provided parts for Hongqi HS7 luxury-class SUV and the Hongqi H9 luxury sedan. Recently, FAW also chose Vibracoustic to supply front and rear axle air springs as well as hydro bushings for the new all-electric luxury SUV Hongqi E-HS9.

The air springs in the Hongqi E-HS9 use an innovative welding technology which makes it possible to use both plastic and aluminum for the air spring top pot, resulting in increased design flexibility and reduced overall weight. Air springs not only increase driving comfort and driving dynamics, but they also play an important role in optimizing the efficiency by lowering the car at high speeds and improving the aerodynamics and thus increase range. Furthermore, this technology can optimize the airflow under the car and so contribute to a better passive battery cooling in electric vehicles.

Furthermore, the E-HS9 is also equipped with hydro bushings from Vibracoustic, which help to improve handling and safety and reduce unwanted vibrations. The bushings respond to road surface excitation and the integrated fluid adjusts the dynamic properties of the bushings depending on these excitations to always provide a smooth ride and best possible driving comfort for all passengers.


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