Darmstadt/Środa Śląska, 20. May 2019 |

Vibracoustic celebrates 20th anniversary of its Środa Śląska plant in Poland

Vibracoustic, a leading global automotive Noise, Vibration, Harshness (NVH) expert, celebrated the 20th anniversary of its Polish plant in Środa Śląska with around 600 guests including local authorities, partners and employees. Founded in 1999, the Polish location produces components for NVH solutions for driving comfort in the automotive industry.

“Our plant Środa Śląska and its employees are an important and strong part of our global network. Since its foundation, the site in South-West Poland developed continuously: Vibracoustic built a second manufacturing plant in 2006 with state-of-the-art production processes and in 2013 a second logistic building. In 2018, we invested approximately four million euros for the expansion of the plant and created 50 new positions. The latest investments underline the importance of Środa Śląska for our strategy of driving growth and efficiency”, states Frank Müller, CEO of the Vibracoustic AG.

“We are very proud of the achievements of our plant. Every day, our employees in Środa Śląska are committed to highest performance. All our efforts make us a reliable partner for our customers to add comfort to mobility”, adds Grzegorz Hebdzyński, plant manager at Środa Śląska. “We are happy to celebrate and share this special day with our employees and local partners. Środa Śląska is a modern plant, offering good working conditions. We encourage career advancement opportunities and provide a healthy and safe working environment.”

Product portfolio of Środa Śląska
Light and commercial vehicle manufacturers, as well as Tier 1 suppliers around the globe, rely on NVH solutions by Vibracoustic. Components as bearings, mounts, springs, isolators, and dampers reduce the noise and vibrations caused by drive trains and by adverse road conditions. As a result, drivers and passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride.

In Środa Śląska, Vibracoustic manufactures conventional and hydraulic chassis mounts for its international automotive customers. With the extension of the plant in Środa Śląska, Vibracoustic’s special expertise in microcellular polyurethane (MCU) was enhanced. MCU is an innovative material used in components, which can be compressed and used effectively in very small installation spaces. A prototyping facility, including testing, was established in Środa Śląska, which significantly shortens the development and industrialization process for customer orders.

Currently Vibracoustic employs about 740 people in Środa Śląska.


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