Darmstadt, 4 November 2020 |

Vibracoustic celebrates 10th anniversary of its Yantai plant in China

Vibracoustic celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Yantai plant in China. Founded in 2010, the plant produces NVH components for automotive customers to increase driving comfort.

“Our plant Yantai and its employees are an important and strong part of our global footprint. Since its foundation, the plant grew continuously which underlines Yantai’s importance for Vibracoustic’s strategy of driving growth and efficiency. We are proud of our employees at Yantai and thank them for their achievements”, states Frank Müller, CEO at Vibracoustic AG.

“Every day, our employees in Yantai are committed to highest performance. All our efforts make us a reliable partner for our customers to add comfort to mobility. Yantai is a modern plant, offering good working conditions. We encourage career advancement opportunities and provide a healthy and safe working environment”, adds Fengsen Xiao, plant manager at Yantai.

Product portfolio of Yantai

Light and commercial vehicle manufacturers, as well as Tier 1 suppliers around the globe, rely on NVH solutions by Vibracoustic. Components as bearings, mounts, springs, isolators, and dampers reduce the noise and vibrations caused by the drive train and adverse road conditions. As a result, drivers and passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride.

In Yantai, Vibracoustic manufactures chassis mounts, motor mounts, isolators and dampers as well as torsional vibration dampers and air springs. The plant has a large expertise in assembly, surface treatment and vulcanization. Currently Vibracoustic employs about 800 people in Yantai.

The city of Yantai is located in the northeastern Shandong province. It is an important economic hub in China – the world’s largest manufacturer of light vehicles. The city of Yantai has more than six million inhabitants.


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