Darmstadt, 12. December 2017 |

Tube-in-tube decoupling system makes hybridization of existing architectures easier

In the phase of upheaval, there is a tailwind for the hybrid drive. It helps to reduce fuel consumption of popular – often larger – models. But a hybrid version based on an existing architecture has to complement the full model range. This means a fight for every inch of space for the engineers.

With the innovative Tube-in-Tube system, Vibracoustic has succeeded in incorporating the functionality of a flexible coupling into a prop shaft with virtually no additional packaging requirements. This offers unprecedented levels of freedom with regard to packaging in vehicles with limited installation space. With specific design customizations, the Tube-in-Tube unit can also be used as a crash element, absorbing energy in a well-defined manner in the event of an accident.

A solution to manage conflicting objectives
The prop shaft often has limited space around it, as it is positioned between the transmission and the rear axle differential, surrounded by the exhaust system and catalytic converters. The Tube-in-Tube system represents an economical solution to managing the conflicting objectives of durability at high temperatures, packaging space and customer demands.

Restructuring of structures
Suppliers who, like Vibracoustic, have always been driven by their own developments and have the expertise and components required to hybridize existing vehicle architectures in the current situation are now benefiting. This is especially true for companies that are able to quickly deliver components for complex designs in larger quantities.

Vibracoustic is known as a leading manufacturer of vibration control solutions for the global automotive industry. The Tube-in-Tube system is just one example that illustrates the range of developments in the company’s global R & D network that complement the portfolio of traditional vibration damping technologies.
In a period of upheaval that forces the automotive industry to find new solutions, qualified and experienced partners are the guarantors of the successful restructuring of structures that will lead to a new era.


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