Shanghai/Darmstadt, 17. April 2019 |

Shanghai Auto Show 2019: New e-mobility NVH challenges and Vibracoustic solutions

Under the motto “Create a better life”, this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, the leading trade show for the automobile industry in Asia, is all about the future of mobility and the current trends in the automotive industry. With China being the largest sales market for vehicles with alternative drive trains, it has a particularly high demand for products for electric vehicles. Vibracoustic, a leading global automotive NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) expert, provides innovative solutions for e-mobility NVH challenges and has a strong market position in China. At the Shanghai Auto Show, which takes place from 16 – 25 April 2019, furthermore BENTELER and Vibracoustic will showcase their partnership in the development of E-Chassis solutions.

China, followed by the USA, is the world’s largest manufacturer of fully electric vehicles. Experts assume that the production of electric vehicles in China will surpass the two-million mark by 2022 and will reach almost three million vehicles by 2025. In order to promote the development and introduction of electric vehicles and thus improve air quality in China’s megacities, the Chinese government has introduced numerous tax incentives and subsidies for automotive manufacturers and consumers. In addition, since the beginning of 2019, automotive manufacturers have had to generate a minimum rate of ten per cent of their sales with plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles. This figure is set to rise to twelve per cent in 2020. Therefore, there is a demand for solutions from suppliers who are already addressing e-mobility with their products.

New e-mobility NVH challenges and Vibracoustic solution
In electric vehicles in particular, vibrations and irritating noises are perceived more prominently due to the absence of engine noises in the interior of the vehicle. That means that there is increased awareness for completely new types of vibrations and noises as well as external influences. The demand for NVH solutions is therefore high. Vibracoustic supplies innovative and customized solutions such as specially developed motor mounts and dampers. These are tuned to address and dampen the high frequency excitations of the electric motor in order to minimize the impact on the passengers. On the chassis side, highly robust chassis mounts address the additional weight and therewith higher loads on the chassis of electric vehicles. These solutions enable automotive manufacturers to stand out among competitors and offer increased comfort and safety.

Vibracoustic with a strong presence in the region
With four locations for production, sales, research and development, Vibracoustic is very well positioned as a supplier of NVH solutions in China to meet the growing demand on the Asian market. Among the products manufactured locally for the Asian market are chassis and motor mounts, isolators and dampers, torsional vibration dampers and Micro Cellular Urethan (MCU) components.

“Thanks to our development and production expertise in China, we are able to meet the demand of local and international manufacturers as a NVH solution provider. Our local research and development capabilities further enable us to take customer-specific requirements into account”, says Frank Müller, CEO of the Vibracoustic AG.

BENTELER and Vibracoustic showcase their partnership at the Shanghai Auto Show 2019
BENTELER and Vibracoustic have entered into a strategic partnership. The cooperation brings together the competencies of both partners in the development of E-Chassis solutions. It enables BENTELER to provide light vehicle manufacturers with noise- and vibration-optimized chassis solutions. Light vehicle manufacturers can speed up their development cycles as they can rely on a system which is already tuned by Vibracoustic in terms of NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). Vibracoustic is developing all the NVH components integrated into the E-Chassis including bushings, subframe mounts, top mounts, motor mounts and MCU components. This supports optimum ride and handling. This pre-validated front and rear axle system guarantees customers high functionality and quality in their electric vehicles. In addition, thanks to the partnership, customers benefit from accelerated time-to-market and easy adaptation for a wide range of vehicle classes. They also benefit from less complexity in development and production. At the Shanghai Auto Show from 16 – 25 April 2019, BENTELER and Vibracoustic showcase their partnership.


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