Darmstadt, 23. January 2019 |

New Porsche Cayenne equipped with Vibracoustic three-chamber air springs

To increase the spread between sporty, firm suspension and the driving comfort expected of a touring car, Vibracoustic for the first time has developed switchable air springs with a three-chamber concept. By switching individual air chambers on and off, the air springs can be set to four different stiffness levels depending on the driving situation. The adaptive air suspension including the three-chamber concept is available as an option for the new Porsche Cayenne.

Vibracoustic for the first time has developed an air spring concept with three individual air chambers to achieve these ambitious requirements in terms of driving dynamics as well as driving comfort. Therefore, air volumes of the chambers can be flexibly combined or separated depending on the driving situation. If all chambers are connected, the maximum level of comfort can be offered whereas when only one chamber is used, the maximum stiffness for a dynamic and sporty ride is provided. In the current solution, the stiffness of the springs can be practically doubled – from very soft to highly dynamic – over four gradients.

Air springs are becoming more and more popular because they provide high level of comfort and keep the vehicle at a constant level, regardless of the weight or load. In higher vehicle classes, air springs are typically used on all four wheels, as considerable emphasis is often placed on high comfort. In the future, Vibracoustic will also provide switchable air springs in dual-chamber systems. While these systems can only offer two different stiffness levels, the corresponding regulation also enables effective roll stabilization. Vibracoustic thus also aims to meet customer demands for improved comfort and driving dynamics of mid-range vehicles.


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